SM-18 Rice Polisher

Energy Efficient: Unleash the Power of SM-18 Rice Polisher with efficient energy!

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Best Rice Polisher in Pakistan

Sufi Engineering's SM-18 Rice Polisher is a versatile powerhouse that brings out the best in all rice seed varieties. From Basmati to non-Basmati, fine rice to long grain, aromatic to hybrid rice, SM-18 consistently delivers a stunning shine, making every grain a visual delight. Choose SM-18 for all-in-one rice polishing excellence.

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Technical Specificatons

Engineered for Excellence: Unveiling the Technical Prowess of SM-18 Rice Polisher

Model SM-18
Required Power (kW) 20 or 25
Input Capacity (t/hr) 1.5〜2.0
RPM (Main Shaft) 1050
Control System Manual
Net Weight (kg) 380
Dimentions (L x W x H) (mm) 000 x 000 x 000